JAH investment

Jah was established to invest in promising projects, as investment is the main tool to achieve the goals that contribute to the ownership of projects throughout the Arab world, which are selected on sound economic and commercial bases and in accordance with specific objective criteria, most notably: the strategic importance of the project, the priority it enjoys within the objectives of the development plan to see 2030, the extent of its contribution to achieving integration between the various economic sectors and improving the trade balance, the extent to which it depends on local energies and resources, its role in the localization of advanced technology in the Arab world.


A leading Saudi company based in Riyadh. Focusing on qualitative investments to build strategic partnerships with our investors, We are proud of our alliance with local and international expertise houses that have a proven track record in the world of business and finance. Ensures the best experiences to maximize returns and enhance the concept of the sharing economy.


JAH works through a professional team and distinguished experts to re-invent the idea of investing in emerging companies in economically promising sectors, in line with the goals and directions of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, in innovative ways that are commensurate with the size of our strong economy and our great country.


upgrading traditional investment; By dealing with it as an industry to create smart, contemporary opportunities to meet the aspirations of our partners, and move forward with the ambitious vision of Saudi Arabia.


We are proud of our values and the commitment we show to our partners, and our credibility lies in our investment approach based on three main pillars we operate
under :Transprancy, Qulaity and Innovation.